Manage employee onboarding with forms, tasks and new hire portals across countries with multi-language support

Onboarding new hires with engagement portals

HR orientation and paperwork completion

Our employee onboarding software allows new hires to easily learn about your company culture, complete all required paperwork, understand HR policies, sign up for benefits, understand all required tasks, view training and orientation schedules and be ready for work from day one.

Every new employee gets relevant information & Forms package based on location...

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Employee Onboarding Software

Employee Onboarding Software

Next-generation employee onboarding software that helps create great new hire onboarding experiences globally. Customizable electronic new hire forms & onboarding packages with electronic signature capability. Automate task management, enable new hires to get acquainted with culture, policies & improve productivity from day one.

Employee Onboarding Software – EMP Trust

Forms management & new hire paperwork

Convert all your traditional paper forms to electronic

We maintain and update all required employment Forms for every location or country you do business in, helping you easily manage company specific documents for the employee Onboarding process...

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New hires task management in HR Onboarding

Manage internal and external tasks associated with new employees

Our employee onboarding software will manage all internal and external tasks associated with the new hire Onboarding process. This includes task assignment and key account provisioning to departments and managers...

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Employee Self Service Portal

Form I-9 & E-Verify

Manage compliance, reduce error and risk

The onboarding solution gives you complete electronic I-9 functionality, including support for remote hires. Generate Form I-9 electronically, ensure completion, reduce errors and meet any USCIS requirements with detailed audit reports and logs.

As a certified DHS employer agent, our own E-Verify software provides an end-to-end Form I-9 & E-Verify process reducing error and compliance risks. Our solution reduces costs, ensures a consistent process, provides detailed case management, form guidance and makes it easier to stay compliant.

Employee Onboarding Platform

Empower Training

Manage employee training needs

Our new hire onboarding platform gives you the ability to track and manage training needs for new hires as part of the onboarding process, provides training courses, assigns employees to specific courses, tasks and track completion via the new hire learning portal.

Our training, programs integration provides a consistent process to manage new hire training, develop new skills and get them ready and productive from Day One. Training content, extensive course libraries, training videos with integration to Learning Management Systems are easily managed and updated within the solution.

Employee Training

Benefits Administration

Simplify Employee Benefits

Our employee Onboarding software provides employee benefits information, plans and choices for medical, dental, vision and voluntary benefits through our new employee portal.

Employees and new hires can learn about and compare plans, link to online content and then sign up for benefits simplifying employee benefits administration for new hires.

Employee Benefits Administration

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Pre-Employment Checks, Background Checks & WOTC

We offer integration with major background check companies and provide a single touch point to order background check, drug screening, skills assessments and view order status in near real time.

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Offboarding &
Life Events

Do more than onboarding with our streamlined off-boarding packages, employee transfers, mergers and acquisitions workflows providing a consistent process to automate all of your employee life events workflows and processes, allowing you to deliver the right employee Forms, content and information to the employees in a structured manner.

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Integration with HRIS & ERP systems

We offer seamless integration with your HRIS & ERP systems, including PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP R/3, internal legacy systems and 3rd party payroll vendors.

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Onboarding Reports & Dashboards

Reports to get unique views for each activity

View real time employee dashboard for reports and guide new hires through the onboarding process. The new hire dashboard can be configured by joining date, department, and location. Track real-time status updates, and alerts to keep new hires, managers on the same page.

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