New hire portals

Welcome new hires into your organization with our customized new hire portals.

EMP Trust HR’s new hire portal for onboarding

Create a good first impression, give an overview of culture and welcome new hires with an engaging and customized experience.

Access all new hire information from one centralized location

  • View relevant information through a graphical user interface that allows new hires to receive information based on their job, hire type, track tasks and forms for completion.

User friendly interface for navigation

  • Convey a personalized welcome message and video, coordinate forms and tasks, and share policies and benefits.

Connect to a mentor, access learning tools, documents
and a plethora of organizational resources.

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Branded and mobile friendly new hire portal

  • Pre-board new hires, get integrated into company culture, and complete onboarding paperwork electronically via our branded new hire portal.

    Meet the company’s HR and technical team online. Listen to a video snippet from the CEO. Help new hires align with the organization’s goals, mission, and values.
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