Ease of use and improved reliability for HR, Admins and New hires.


We will be holding webinars for our customers and clients with regard to the updates to our new hire onboarding module.

We are continuously upgrading and improving the functionalities of our new hire onboarding solution based on market updates and feedback to further enhance our user experience.

Here’s what we’ll cover during the webinar:

  • New user interface with simplified navigation and enhanced visibility for new hire task completion.
  • Updated administrator interfaces for adding content, policies, and offer letters.
  • Enriched UI for better new hire experience.
  • Improved security for new hires with enhanced login settings and history tracking.s
  • Updated forms for task management- IT requisition forms.
  • HR Policy Hub for annual employee certifications, policy updates, and tracking.

Event Info:

You can book your place for our webinar by registering at any of the links below.

Please register for EMP Trust's Next Generation Onboarding Updates & Enhancements on Thursday, Feb 2(3:00 PM EST), Feb 7(3:00 PM EST), Feb 9(11:00 AM EST),2023.

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