Reboarding employees back to your workplace!

Solutions to reboard employees back to work safely by not compromising employee well-being while ensuring greater productivity.

Reboarding software simplifies the transition process associated with reboarding employees and their return back to the workplace. Efficiently manage tasks allocated to managers and employees with status tracking, email notifications, and alerts. Manage equipment provisioning, and ensure compliance of the workplace to safety protocols. Provide effective guidance to returning employees as per CDC guidelines. Easily setup new forms and policies where new hires can sign with electronic signature capability.
Reboarding software is a intuitive compliance and management solution to oversee the return of employees reentering the workplace.

Features of Reboarding Software

  • Employee Information Portal is a consolidated vault of essential Covid safety data and employee information critical for their safe return to the workplace.
  • Activity Management tool is an intuitive task management solution to allocate tasks, monitor task status, manage pending tasks with email notifications, alerts and reminders, provisioning, and reporting to ensure compliance to protocols.
  • New Hire Forms Management tool helps reboarded employees to fill, review, complete all new hire forms, updated company policy forms and employment documents with electronic signature capability.
Communicate new workplace guidelines and policies.

Protect your employees from liability and exposure

  • Provide information to employees on new work related policy and procedures with adequate safety standards to deal with Covid.
  • For employees returning to work have questions on safety and procedures, new updated web portal that provides ongoing guidance to existing employees with required policy sign offs.
  • Updated guidance on work at the office and work at home. Communicate new work place policies that reflect the new normal.
  • Help you stay compliant with CDC guidelines on returning to work including availability of necessary items in hand when returning to work such as mask, tissues, and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
Electronic New Hire Forms.

Digitally complete and sign all necessary new hire forms and policies on return

  • Complete all new hire forms including Form I-9 with electronic signature capability. Employees returning to work who remained on the payroll would generally not need to complete new paperwork. However, for those not currently employed, such as laid-off workers, normal hiring procedures should be followed.
  • Communicate compensation changes made on reboarding as employers may have made modifications during the crisis thus far, and others may need to make them in order to reopen.
  • Communicate changes to employees benefits plan on rejoining such as coverage changes, group health insurance eligibility on reinstatement. Communicate any updated or revised eligibility requirements put into effect during the layoff or furlough.

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Manage the Workplace with adequate safety standards.

Re-designing the workplace to manage use of workstations and sanitization

  • Monitor and manage workstation usage and cleanliness, as well as employee working hours to ensure compliance to guidelines.
  • Maintain a clean and sanitised workspace and keep track of where each employee works, and employees who use the same work station at different times; and prepare a plan of action if an employee falls ill.
  • Employee contact tracing to assist in monitoring who works where, when, and with whom, providing critical information if action is required.
  • Seating and workstation usage will need to be adjusted in order to maintain social distancing. Reboarding becomes feasible only with proper planning and execution.
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