System Integration

System Integration

We offer seamless integration with internal HR systems using Web services, Batch file automation and file uploads with automated job notifications and alerts to system managers and super users. We offer support for HRIS integration with Ora cle, PeopleSoft, SAP R/3 and internal HRIS systems with pre-built API’s and leveraging your existing investments.

Web Services

We offer a pre-defined API that support new hire loads and automated invites based on workflow and worksite locations from an ATS, Onboarding process or HRIS system of record. You can also track status and links form i-9 document created into your document management system of record such as SharePoint or Documentation.

To enable easier integration we offer code snippets, code samples and test data allowing your programmers to code effectively and efficiently into our system. Your development teams will be effectively supported by dedicated technical team during this process.

Batch Jobs

The system support batch files to be loaded to support the process either through our web interface or through our automated job schedulers that will load your employee and new hire records you’re your ATS or HRIS system. Alerts and notifications are fully supported incases the job fails or the record could not be loaded.

Single Sign-On

We support employee authentication with validated access and secure single sign-on from internal employee portals, existing HRIS systems or ERP systems. We support LDAP, Active Directory (AD) and (Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) based integrations.