Legacy Paper I9

Legacy I-9

Paper I-9 Form Conversion Process:

Our solution allows companies to upload and import employee information using a variety of data formats including CSV, Excel sheets or XML to load existing employee data. This provides the ability to organize and index employees by employee id, name, worksites and location and other key identifiers. Paper I-9 forms can then be scanned and attached to each employee record for easy retrieval, print and search options on demand.

We will help you will convert your legacy paper Form I-9s, eliminate paper storage, and help you maximize your Form I-9 compliance.

Electronic Systems Conversion:

Our electronic system conversion can help to transform in-house or 3rd party systems non-compliant Form I-9 databases to compliant databases. Our legal and IT Teams will map data elements, identify missing fields, perform error checking and migrate data to our system identifying records that need rectification and completion to meet guidelines.

The solution will identify records that need re-verifications, track and maintain audits records and help to flag any records that can meet the data purging 3+1 rule.

We can also use the information provided to do batch submissions for DHS E-verify and track cases, approvals and Tentative Non- Confirmations from DHS or SSA.

Portal Content Management

The custom new hire portal is fully configurable with a content management system that allows companies and users to add new pages, edit information, add text, images and videos that can be fully embedded into the pages to offer employee engagement and information to new hires and employees. A user with basic knowledge of MS Word can easily add and edit information to the new hire portal.