Key Features

I-9 Key Features

Form I-9 Key Features:

  • Support multiple locations, worksites and divisions with custom workflows and notification for each site.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface that minimize users mistakes and reduces training needs.
  • Supports electronic and Paper I-9 form process to capture and store all Form i-9 information in one database for easy retrieval.
  • Support for Remote hires and verification with 3rd party employer agencies, notary or authorized service providers.
  • Configurable I-9 HR portals, individual email invitations and batch loads allow form i-9 to initiated prior to actual start date for bulk or volume hiring.
  • Electronically store and retrieve all Form I-9 for active and inactive I-9 employees on demand.
  • Fully integrated with DHS E-Verify services to verify work authorization with DHS preventing duplicate data entry with a single click.
  • Provides complete error checking for missing data or incorrect forms during Form I9 document completion and review process.
  • Allow employee Form I-9 preparation; manage manager review from any site internal or external with full management oversight.
  • Capture Employee and manager signature using electronic signatures that comply with using E-Sign Act compliant click-to-sign solution.
  • Record Purge: Allow managers to review Form I-9 records that have met the three-year/one-year rule and remove older records that have met the guidelines for data purge of older I-9 records reducing risks during an USCIS/DHS Audit.
  • Extensive reports and visual dashboards that can be exported to any format including Excel, PDF.
  • Automated email notifications for exceptions to manage cases that require management attention.
  • Receive alerts that users can set to remind managers and employee in advance of the expiration of work authorization documents, enabling employees to apply for renewal of their work authorizations, so that they can legally continue to work without interruption.
  • Full audit records with time stamps
  • 24 x 7 x 365 day secures access for viewing, updating, re-verification, audits or governmental inspection as dictated by law.