Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature

EMP Trust Form I-9 electronic signature process supports the Federal E-sign Act and provides a number of configurable options for companies including wet signature, digital signature or support with a 3rd party signature tools. The electronic signature capability allows you to process and sign I-9 records (Sections 1, 2, and 3) electronically in a simple, secure and flexible manner.

Electronic Signature for Form I-9

EMPTrust Form I-9 solution tracks electronic signature for the employee and preparer, during the section 1 completion and the HR manager or 3rd party verifier during the document review and when completing section 2 of the form I-9. We provide electronic receipts to employee on demand. Signature types are fully configurable to meet additional your requirements and can include wet and digital signatures.

Audit trails

Audit trails are captured that record each activity during the electronic signature process including date time stamp, employee of record and the process step that is being completed. Audit reports are printable on demand along with signature receipts.