E-Verify Services

E-Verify Services

Our E-Verify Services

Our E-Verify services allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States using any of the following

  • An existing HRIS or Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Using our Form I-9 Solutions to submit background verifications to EVerify.
  • As part on an employee onboarding process using our Emp-Board software module.
  • As a web services integration from your HR talent management and recruiting platforms.
  • By loading existing I-9 information using a manual or automated file transfer process.

E-Verify is easy to use, fast and provides a response within seconds from DHS EVerify servers as a background service . Step by step process leads managers through the correct steps to follow to keep in compliance with DHS/ USCIS processes and meet all legal requirements.

Our E-Verify web interface features helpful compliance tools, extensive recordkeeping and audit records to maintain compliance with all Federal and State laws. In addition the system provides case alerts, case management, help guides and video tutorials for employees and hiring managers.